Legal protection for less than $1/day

Protect you and your family from common, but costly legal issues. No insurance portfolio is complete without LawGuard. Protect yourself today.

Coverage for the most common issues







Do I need legal insurance?

How it works

Small legal issues can lead to big attorney fees.
If you run into a legal issue and need legal assistance, LawGuard will be there to help with the attorney fees so you don’t have to worry. Peace of mind couldn’t come any easier.

Any attorney, anywhere

With LawGuard, you have the power to choose absolutely any attorney you want. Some products only pay up if you work with someone from a limited network of law firms.

Checks at every step

Going to trial is the most expensive part of the legal process, but that’s when some companies stop covering your costs. Our plans include pre-trial and trial expenses, so you’re covered until the case is closed or your policy limits are reached.

Disappearing deductible

Deductibles can be confusing, but here’s the deal: This is the only legal insurance with a disappearing deductible. That means your deductible goes down every year until it reaches $0 – and stays there.