The Coverage

What matters are excluded?
  • Any pre-existing matter that occurs prior to your policy being effective.
  • Any legal matter not specifically listed as a covered legal service.
  • Legal services for the benefit of any person other than an insured.
  • Legal services in class actions, punitive damages, court appeals, matters handled under a contingency fee arrangement, or post judgements (settlement agreement signed by all parties, final binding arbitration, judgment issued by a court)
  • Any action, dispute or proceeding against:
    • Our interest, or that of any affiliated companies related to the underwriting or administration of this policy and any of their respective agents, an insured against the interests of the name insured under the same policy.
  • Attorney fees arising out of a business ownership, investment interests, commercial interests, employment matters, and patents and copyrights.
  • Fines, penalties, punitive damages, filing fees, court-ordered payments of attorney fees, court costs, service of process fees, travel, clerical, copy fees, postage, and any other costs and expenses not specified.
Does LawGuard cover legal issues that arise from my business?

Our plans are for personal legal matters only, so legal issues related to your business are excluded.

Does LawGuard cover wills, divorce and bankruptcy?

We don’t provide coverage for wills, divorce or bankruptcy.

Where can I use my benefits?

Anywhere in the world.

Am I covered outside my state of residence?

Yes, LawGuard provides worldwide coverage.

When does coverage end?

After one year, unless otherwise designated on the declarations page. Your policy will remain in effect for each successive one-year period for which you pay the premium.

When does coverage begin?

The day after you purchase the plan.

What if I'm involved in a legal dispute with family members who are also covered?

The policy excludes any action, dispute or proceeding by an insured against the interests of the named insured under the same policy.

What if the court awards attorney's fees as part of a settlement?

If you receive reimbursement of attorney fees, you must reimburse LawGuard for payments made under your policy.

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